After Vegas: An opinion series of hurt, anger and mourning

Photo credit: (Sean Myers / Neon)

Sunday night, while most of us were sleeping, a ticker had begun counting. 20. 50. 58. Each a life. Each with a name. Rhonda. Victor. Kelsey. Adrian. As we each rubbed the sleep from the corner of our eyes the next morning,  we didn’t realize what a privilege it was to wake up.

That was until 12:23 p.m., when an adjunct professor’s actions brought the issue of safety, grieving, and guns out of our phone screens and into our lives. A cascade of thoughts, prayers, and emotions began to pour out of USC and Neon wanted to capture some of the debate happening all of this week.

Scroll through the stories below to read how USC students are reacting to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Miranda Mazariegos: White privilege should not extend to terrorists

Terror doesn’t see boundaries. But America does.

Xena Amirani: People are going to politicize the Las Vegas massacre and there is nothing we can do about it

I’m a firm supporter of my Constitutional rights and the Second Amendment but I am willing to admit that the Las Vegas attack was a political issue…

Jordan Winters is co-editor of Neon. She is a junior studying journalism and political science. She has been a multimedia journalist for USC Annenberg Media since her sophomore year covering campus issues and politics. She co-hosted Truth Squad podcast and covered the presidential inauguration live from D.C. She hails from San Francisco where she dabbles in sailing, rock climbing, and paddleboard-yoga.
Sean Myers is co-editor of Neon. He is a senior broadcast and digital journalism student. He previously led USC Annenberg Media’s Interactives Desk and contributed to Special Projects. He is the 2017 Los Angeles Press Club Student Scholarship awardee and was a Southern California Journalism Awards finalist in the student personality profile category for 2016.